Meet Danielle

Danielle Jernigan, Postpartum Empowerment Coach

Being a mother is so rewarding.

But buried under societal expectations, shifting hormones and added responsibilities it’s a challenge to maintain a sense of self!

Culturally, black women are more likely to buy into the “strong black woman” stereotype and less likely to ask for help. We think we are safer in isolation and so we cultivate self-sufficiency.

Yet, 1 in 5 black women develop postpartum depression and anxiety.

I know what it’s like to lose yourself after a birth. It can seem like there is no way out of the darkness.

I had to redefine what it means to be strong and share my story with others to become grounded again, not only to serve my family, but also to live out my life mission.

I didn’t emerge from the darkness alone and you shouldn’t either.

And that’s where I come in

And that’s where I come in · · · 

My personal experience and training as a postpartum doula and wellness professional make me uniquely qualified to support you in your journey into the light.

Fueled by this passion, I added a certification in perinatal mental health and coaching. Then …

I launched my program, Postpartum Breakthrough, to help black women like you develop strategies to reclaim your body, reinvent your identity and live a more empowered life.

You deserve support from a compassionate expert to help you integrate your roles and create beauty out of chaos.

When I am not serving my clients, I love a good book, a classic black and white movie, and traveling. But mostly, I’m outside in nature with my young daughter, Zoë.

I’m a health freak so Sunday morning fun is making green smoothies and baked sweet potatoes (our favorite grab and go snack), plus a mommie and daughter zen yoga session!

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Danielle’s Professional Background and Education
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