Ep 0 – What’s the 411 on Thrive After Postpartum Podcast?

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Are you a black woman who struggles with symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety?

Have you ever wondered if the “strong black woman” stereotype you embody is hindering your growth and overall health?

Are you repeatedly asking yourself when will I get my body, mind and life back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then … THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU.

This podcast will provide you with inspiration to navigate postpartum with grace and determination to help reclaim your body, remake your identity, and live a more empowered life.

Episodes will cover topics such as how to:

  • eat for optimal health and well-being
  • get back to your sexy and fall in love with the skin your in
  • manage grief and loss of self as it relates to motherhood
  • identify and release damaging stereotypes that impede your growth
  • reconnect to your essence and awaken to your new identity

As a firm believer in the transformative power of art, I’ll share reviews of creative works that will help with your transformation.

Finally, the TAP podcast is a safe platform for you to share your story and inspire others—Listen in for a chance to apply for on-air coaching sessions.

But I also hope that we can relax a bit, laugh a lot, and cry some too. 

So, grab your cup of tea, glass of wine, or your breast pump, relax in your comfy chair, or take a short walk and let’s talk about what we need to talk more about.

Thrive after Postpartum Podcast is hosted by me, Danielle Jernigan, postpartum empowerment coach for today’s black woman. Learn more about me by visiting thriveafterpostpartum.com.

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Until next time … Thrive Queen and Shine Brighter.

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