Strategies For Healthy Communication in Postpartum

Have you ever had the feeling that what you say to your partner falls on deaf ears because their response is the exact opposite of what you expected? Do you ever beat yourself up because you felt as though you could have said something differently? Or forgot to say what you needed to say? Ever completely shut down and give up because you feel like the more you talk the less they listen? It’s a … Read more

Postpartum Yoga: It’s a Mind, Body, Spirt and Sex Thing.

Yoga. I love it. It’s like a breath of fresh air for me.  When I practice my days flow better. My mind is clearer and I make better choices. Situations that would normally aggravate me just roll off my back. I’m more patient, more kind and more loving towards others. This I believe is directly related to what I am giving to myself during my practice — patience, kindness, grace and love. Because we can’t … Read more

How to Hear, Believe, and Act on Your Intuition

Show Notes How often do you ignore your intuition? How many times have you said “if I had just trusted my gut I wouldn’t be here in this relationship, in this house, in this job or this circumstance! Last Tuesday, I awoke at 4 am to prepare for a long drive back home. Something said lay back down everything will be okay.  I was anxious to get on the road because I was scheduled to appear for a … Read more

A Gratitude Practice to Celebrate Your Postpartum Body

A Gratitude Practice to Celebrate Your Postpartum Body

This episode is all about starting a gratitude practice for your beautiful postpartum body and is part of my Reclaim Your Body series. You can find the show notes at Before we jump into the main content for today, I want to take a moment and give a special thankyou to GSmiles. Here’s what they said in their review on Apple Podcasts, “I would encourage others to others to tune in as well. Tune … Read more

Ep 1 – The Black Side of Postpartum

The Black Side of Postpartum

Becoming a mother can be the most rewarding time in a woman’s life. Or it can be one of the darkest, loneliest times you will ever experience When I gave birth to my son at the tender age of 19 my circumstances were not ideal. I had no job and was living with his father’s family. Our relationship was abusive and unhealthy on many levels. Additionally, in the few months prior to giving birth — … Read more