A Gratitude Practice to Celebrate Your Postpartum Body

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This episode is all about starting a gratitude practice for your beautiful postpartum body and is part of my Reclaim Your Body series. You can find the show notes at thriveafterpostpartum.com/3

Before we jump into the main content for today, I want to take a moment and give a special thankyou to GSmiles. Here’s what they said in their review on Apple Podcasts,

I would encourage others to others to tune in as well. Tune in even if you need some female power, encouragement, or inspiration! I like how she’s not afraid to open up about her past struggles and use it as a platform to help others.”

Thank you so much GSmiles for those kind words, it means a lot. If you’d like to receive a shoutout on a future episode of the podcast, leave a review for the show in Apple Podcasts.

I love books and find myself in Barnes and Noble or Indie bookstores quite often. This show is inspired by my latest read – The Magic by Rhonda Byrne which is a book making the practice of gratitude a way of life. 

I lost that sense of gratitude for a while. I allowed the temporary circumstances of my life to cloud my long-term vison for my future. And as the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher appears.

It’s a simple book that lays out a 28-day gratitude challenge. First you create a list of ten blessings and each day thereafter you add 10 more to this list. Every evening you focus on one event you are the most grateful for.  Each day brings a new focus whether it be in the area of health, relationships or finances. You can choose to go through the book day by day, or you skip to what’s most important for you.

I read through the book and then chose to focus on developing a gratitude practice for my beautiful chocolate postpartum body – and I’ll share the steps to this practice later in this episode. You can also go to the show notes and see it outlined there. But first let’s talk about some tips to make this a lasting practice.


Shift Your Attention.  

Change your focus from how your body looks to appreciating its function. We forget how miraculous the female form is! Under all the curves and sexuality, it shifts and adapts to become a home for another human being. 

Take a Media Break.

To quote Iyanla Vanzant comparison is an act of violence against the self. Stop looking at the snap backs of celebrities and others on IG or in magazines.  What we see is an instant — the finished product– not the process. 


It is important to this practice because it allows you to relax and release tension from the body and replace that tension with love and consideration for yourself.  So, breath in love and exhale anything that does not serve you. 

Repetition is Queen.

Commit to a daily practice to make being grateful a lifestyle.

Record How You Feel.

After each session write down 3-5 adjectives describing how you feel. This way you integrate that feeling into your mind and body memory.


The following is the postpartum gratitude practice I adopted it. Feel free to make it into what works for you. 

First choose a time. For me I do it in the shower. You could choose the same or when you lie down at night. Find a time where you can be completely focused on yourself with limited distractions. 

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale appreciate that body part you are currently touching for its function. 

Then end each affirmation with your agreement — for me I say And so it is or Ashe, but you can end it however you like. A simple Thank you works well too!

So, it flows something like this:

Thank your feet for carrying my body throughout the day and supporting my baby during pregnancy and beyond.


Thank you locs of hair for keeping me warm during the winter and crowning my head with natural glory.

And so, it is.

Thank you for my pretty brown eyes that allow me to see the sun rise and sunsets in my daughter’s eyes.


Thank you for my breasts that provide nourishment for my daughter.

And so, it is.

Continue this practice with each body part or region. Take it deeper by thanking each organ for sustaining your health—thank your liver for detoxifying my body, thank your heart for pumping life sustaining blood to my limbs and brain.

This is a short but powerful practice. Try it out for a week or two and see if you don’t feel a deeper sense of thankfulness for your amazing postpartum body just as it is. You might find yourself smiling a bit more when you look at yourself in the mirror.

 I’d love to hear how this works for you — visit thriveafterpostpartum.com and go to the contact page and send me an email.

As you begin your holiday season with gratitude for yourself may that gratitude extend to others, may you be safe and may you be well.


Until next time … Thrive Queen and Shine Brighter.

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