Helping black women
reclaim their bodies,
reinvent their identities and
take back their power.

Danielle Jernigan
Postpartum Empowerment Coach

Danielle Jernigan
Postpartum Empowerment Coach

You love being a mother and
the bond you share with your child is powerful.

And, you can feel that you’re different than you were before. It’s unnerving.

Your body feels foreign. Your mind is overwhelmed.

Anxiety is the friend that has overstayed its welcome …

Welcome to the postpartum experience you never wanted.

But come on! You’re a strong, capable, spiritually deep woman.

This just can’t be the new you!

Here’s the truth …

Forcing yourself to be that unshakeable black woman right now is not serving you.

No woman should face postpartum alone.

We used to have a village. Now we need to seek connections

It’s time to reclaim your power and
move boldly toward the life you envision! 

Danielle Jernigan, Postpartum Empowerment Coach
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Secrets to Take Back Your Power and Thrive After Postpartum!

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FROM THE Podcast

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